Surf guiding holidays in Hossegor, France

As you can see from the picture, it’s obvious the 250kms of endless beach here in Les Landes contains many hidden gems, however finding them is another matter. With varying wind and swell conditions adding to tidal pushes of over 100 horizontal metres and 6-7 vertical metres, the beach landscape can change dramatically in a matter of hours hence the need for as much local knowledge as you can get if you really want to get the best out of the holiday. Don’t waste time – make the most of the holiday by putting all the chances on your side to score the best waves that any given day has to offer. Our motto.. ‘local knowledge is all you need’ really comes into effect with our surf guiding option.

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Somewhere north of Seignosse, get a surf guide and you might just find yourself out there The best peak that day Oo la la! Our surf guides here at Boardingmania know where to fiind the best waves in France Here’s another empty barrelling line up to be had if you know where to find it.