Sunday morning surf check

Beautiful morning and the predicted fall in swell is here. 1 to 1.5 m and offshore with blue skies. Went in for a quick uneventful surf before taking the train into Bayonne with the kids for mulled wine and belgian waffles at the winter market

Whoop there it is

Well as called we had 1 m of powder at 1600 and 1.5m at 2300. 18 euro for a day pass and blue skies with not a single person at the chairlifts all day. Our three Belgian clients couldn’t believe their luck.

1m of powder!!

On the road, St.lary opens tomorrow. It’s been snowing for 3 days non stop. Just phoned a local and he says its all time and there’s 1m of powder in front of his shop at 1700m so I reckon at least 1.5m at 2600m and that’s a conservative estimate. Clouds in the morning sun in […]